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International Skiffle Music Festival – Kihveli Soikoon! from 19th to 22nd of July 2018, Hankasalmi

Hankasalmi in Central Finland is the venue for the world’s only sustained international skiffle music festival, now for the 23rd time.

Skiffle is a music style that pulls the spoon out of your mouth, takes the washboard out of your grandmother’s cupboard and brings the suitcase down from the attic. Skiffle artists are limited only by their imagination. Besides concerts, there will be a generous programme of fringe events including a skiffle music camp and a special programme for children.

”Kihveli Soikoon, one of the best summer events in Finland”

The cheerful Kihveli Soikoon -festival, having attained a steady popularity, is now playing for the 22nd time.
Like in the previous years, the performers are highly skilled, versatile, and joyfully surprising.

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